Thinking Science, Figuring Anthropology

Thinking-Figuring Relation

Writing about myself should be elementary …what else could I have more knowledge of? But in the last three weeks of blog-anticipation, writing myself has been anything but basic. How do I avoid notorious self-indulgence—or self-pity—to negotiate an engaging chronicle of my continuously evolving relationship with science and anthropology? For now, I have decided that one way of navigating some scientific and anthropological coordinates is to consider the ways that they animate my sense-making of both self and world. By “animate,” I refer to the ways that science and anthropology possess and give life through their mediations—and these mediations may be perceived as abstract exercise, practical reason, applied, imperial, heretical, sacred… However we think about or figure this complexity, mediations move. And it is my experience and observation of this movement that I hope to share with you as I am motivated by and as I proceed through domains of science and anthropology—doors of action and perception.

I cannot make any promises by taking this approach because this is less a practical method than a savage articulation. I have overly-indulged in books and ideas and visions and dreams for well over three years and I feel like I am already so far away from everyone who I love and from every cause that I dedicate my life to. It feels like I have lost myself within a strange woodland where the trees have transformed into penned parchment, the creatures into theoretical tricksters, and the environment into a fallen-through impenetrable looking glass. And I feel so lost because in thinking science and figuring anthropology I have dissociated from values and laws of relation.

This blog is my chronicle of a journey in thinking science, figuring anthropology, and developing connectedness within a fragmented self, with those who I know but rarely see, and with anyone compelled to join us along the way.


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