Thinking Science, Figuring Anthropology

la violencia doméstica

This art portfolio is being prepared for potential exhibition in 2012 under the direction of Professor Marilyn Zimmerman of Wayne State University, Detroit, MI. This work begins and ends by paying homage to the epic poetry of Ur’s High Priestess Enheduanna (Sumeria circa 2,300BCE). Enheduanna was High Priestess to the Moon God Nan yet dedicated her written verse to the Goddess Innana. With her epic poetry of Innana’s descent and eventual rise in mind, I have made use of images I took in 2010 while exploring Vietnam’s Halong Bay caves with friend, novelist, and scholar Reggie Hui. The text for this work complicates issues of identity at ‘play’ with history, power, and culture as we are always positioned by people, policies, and institutions while simultaneously positioning ourselves within narratives of the past, present, and future (Hall 1990:25).  “la violencia doméstica” juxtaposes images that represent past and present personal experiences of household disruption with images of street art in Detroit meant to remind both artist and audience that violence can be countered with artistic expressions through artistic expression where the vulnerable body may be made powerful and public. Additional photographs of sculptures by Princess Ann, “The Romance of the Beaver II” and “The Vagina of Guadalupe,” are works on exhibit at the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Reference: Hall, Stuart. ‘Cultural identity and Diaspora’, in Identity, J.Rutherford (ed.), Lawrence and Wishart, pp.222–237, 1990.



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